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1400 Elliott Ave. N
Glencoe, MN 55336

A History on the 150th Anniversary of the
First Congregational United Church of Christ

Historical Photos of First Congregational Church
Intro/Table of Contents (1140 kb)

Chapter 1 (3298 kb)

General History of the First Congregational UCC in Glencoe

Chapter 2 (1350kb)

Ministers who have served First Congregational

Chapter 3 (2830 kb)

Building Locations Over the Years

Chapter 4 (230 kb)

History of the Stained Glass Windows

Chapter 5 (456 kb)

Our Bell- Calling the Faithful Since 1870

Chapter 6 (3150 kb)

The Contribution of Women in the Life of First Congregational

Chapter 7 (3550 kb)

Christian Education Remembrances

Chapter 8 (2200 kb)

Music at First Congregational

Chapter 9 (162 kb)

Electronic Media Ministry

Chapter 10 (1560 kb)

Major Celebrations

Chapter 11 (126 kb)

Membership and Attendance Profile 1949-2006

Epilogue (141 kb)

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