Automatic or Electronic giving can be set up by calling the church office.  This option allows you to have a regular amount given to the church without havig to worry about checks or cash.  Some who find this helpful are snowbirds, those who travel frequently, or those who just want  one less worry on their to-do list.

Stewardship message given by Maren Warner on August 4.  She is leaving for college in 2 weeks.

Good morning.  My name is Maren Warner and I will be starting off the stewardship message season.  This is my 3rd stewardship message so when I was writing this, I was kind of at a loss as to what I should write about.  So I was thinking.  I already talked about how we should view our church like the mission trips and how we should get as excited about donating to the church as we do when we donate to the mission trip.  And then of course there was the time I talked about making a change in the church with all of your loose change, because everything makes a difference.  And both of these are still true of course, especially the change.  Stan loves the clang of the change into the offering plate, especially when it’s the small coins that are harder to count so throw them all in.  Because after all we are Glencoes’ community church where everyone and everything is welcome here.  Anyway, I needed a new message and then it hit me.  I only have 2 Sunday’s left at church before I’m off to college.  Sad I know.  Sorry Mom.   But besides all of the materials you need to live, what every student needs most is money to pay for college.  So just like I need financial aid for college, the church needs financial aid in order to function.  In a way the church is the student applying for financial aide and you the congregation are the ones in charge of handing out the scholarships and the federal aid.  And all of you do that by handing in your pledge cards.  Just like I can depend on my aid and scholarships by committing to the church a certain financial amount, the church can depend on you and your givings for the year.  And I know I would always be nicely surprised if at the end of the year my aid was than I was planning on getting.  Personally, I feel like my financiall aid and scholarships will make it not only easier for me to attend school, but make it easier for me to focus on why I’m there.  Knowing that I have the money part of school generally covered, I can focus on learning and studying, which I feel is true for the church as well.  If we give to the church, we can know for sure that all the basic needs are actually covered and we will still have an operating church in years down the road.  This way we can focus on God and what he’s doing in our lived through church, through each other and through His word.  Now, it’s true the church won’t have a new degree in 4 years, but who knows what the next 4 years will bring for this church.  There will hopefully be 4 more mission trips, more youth that have been confirmed, and new members.  Anything can happen.  And with your financial support towards the church and it’s mission, we can all create a church that is here to last.  Signed  Maren Warner.

Mission and Benevolence Giving

If you want to specifically direct your giving to Mission and Benevolence work, simply mark your offering as such and our Mission and Benevolence Team will make sure your donation is directed as such. 

These dollars go to local organizations like the food shelf and Common Cup, International organizations like the Heifer Project, as well as UCC special offerings like One Great Hour of Sharing and Neighbors in Need

Stewardship Messages